Why Operators should consider an On-Site Chlorine Gas Generation System (OSCG)

Why Operators should consider an On-Site Chlorine Gas Generation System (OSCG)

Installing an on-site chlorine generation system typically results in lower costs, less risk, and fewer disinfection byproducts when compared to the use of pressurized chlorine gas or bulk sodium hypochlorite. Most importantly, it’s safe!

Traditional usage of chlorine gas for disinfection raises many concerns, such as high shipping and insurance costs due to government regulations, risk of a terrorist attack or accident, and simply the overall risk associated with transporting, storing and handling pressurized chlorine gas.

In addition to these concerns, standard methods of storing pressurized chlorine gas on-site require that users maintain a U.S. EPA-required Risk Management Plan (RMP) and undergo HAZMAT training. These requirements have motivated some plant owners to explore procurement alternatives such as on-site chlorine gas or transition to the use of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCL) as a disinfectant.

KlorigenTM On-Site Chlorine Generation allows water treatment plants to be independent of third parties for chemical procurement, whether the disinfection requirement is chlorine gas or sodium hypochlorite.

For plants that have opted to maintain chlorine gas as the disinfectant of choice, strict regulations coupled with logistical challenges and safety concerns are driving forces for an on-site solution.


KlorigenTM on-site chlorine generation (OSG) offers an alternative to pressurized chlorine gas, allowing for the safe production of chlorine on-site at the point of use. When generating chlorine on-site, both costs and delivery are controlled and more predictable than those of delivered sodium hypochlorite or pressurized chlorine gas. Rather than being subject to pricing determined by a local supplier, the costs of on-site chlorine production are determined by the prevailing prices of the system’s raw inputs, which are primarily salt, water, and electricity.

The initial upfront investment in equipment is often offset by the lower cost of production over time. Additionally, sodium hydroxide (NaOH, or caustic soda) is produced in the on-site chlorine gas generation process as a co-product, providing a substantial cost-benefit. For users of sodium hydroxide, this “caustic credit” can significantly defray from their chlorine production costs.


Unlike pressurized chlorine gas, chlorine generated by a Klorigen™ on-site chlorine generation system is produced on demand at atmospheric pressure. Chlorine generated in this method is injected directly into the plant water feed for disinfection as it is produced; eliminating the need for transportation, storage, and handling of chlorine gas on site. For every 2,500 pounds (1,200 kgs) of daily chlorine generation capacity, no more than 1-2 pounds (.5-1 kg) of chlorine gas is present in the system, under vacuum. Hydrogen generated in the electrolyzers is diluted to less than 2% of the LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) as it is produced and safely vented to the atmosphere.

KlorigenTM is certified as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology by the United States Department of Homeland Security due to its inherent safety features. Transportation, storage, and handling of pressurized chlorine gas are eliminated, alleviating safety concerns accompanying its use. Furthermore, many fail-safes and redundancies are built into the system to ensure safety for the plant and its operators.


Receiving necessary support from the technology provider in times of need is critical to ensuring the proper operation of an OSG system.

    • Electrolytic Technologies provides access to our team of engineers around the clock
    • Remote PLC monitoring and reporting can be implemented
    • Electrolyzers are covered by an extended warranty period


If you are a chlorine user who would like to maintain chlorine gas as your disinfectant of choice but often find yourself occupied by safety and usage concerns, or if you are a user of sodium hypochlorite interested in reducing costs and logistical inefficiencies, a Klorigen™ on-site generator may be the solution that you have been searching for.

To learn more about how your plant can benefit from Klorigen™ on-site generation technology, please contact Electrolytic Technologies here.