Klorigen generators – Safe! Secure! Simple!

Electrolytic Technologies is the leading manufacturer of on-site chlorine and sodium hypochlorite generation systems. For decades, industrial users of chlorine gas, caustic soda and sodium hypochlorite have been forced to rely on regular deliveries of these chemicals to sustain their processes. With Electrolytic Technologies' innovative and cost effective on-site generation technologies, the safety risks and unpredictable costs of bulk delivered chemicals are a concern of the past.

Klorigen generators are essentially small-scale chlor-alkali plants that generate either chlorine gas and sodium hydroxide or sodium hypochlorite in the same high quality, ultra pure, 10-15% concentration levels, as bulk (membrane system generated) sodium hypochlorite is produced today. These membrane cells make the Klorigen system unique, and unlike conventional sodium hypochlorite generators do not require weekly backwashing.

With Klorigen systems chlorine gas or sodium hypochlorite is produced and delivered at the point of usage and on demand eliminating unnecessary costs of purchase including supplier costs, their mark up, transport, and your storage space. Klorigen systems are delivered fully assembled, ready for installation. They are highly reliable and require minimal maintenance.

From 40 pounds to 20 tons of equivalent chlorine per day, Electrolytic Technologies has the latest technology and solutions to safely and conveniently generate the chemicals that you need on-site and on-demand.

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