Klorigen™ M-Series

Klorigen™ M-Series

The Klorigen™ M-Series chlorine generator is a smaller scale electrochemical system specifically intended for remote applications and designed for safe and cost-effective production of chlorine gas and sodium hydroxide using food grade salt.

Production Capacity

These Klorigen systems can also be configured to produce high quality commercial strength sodium hypochlorite at concentrations up to 10% (100 g/L). Production capacity ranges from 40 ppd to 250 ppd of equivalent chlorine.


Klorigen™ M-Series systems eliminate the hazards typically associated with the use of pressurized chlorine gas and bulk-supplied sodium hypochlorite.

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Features & Benefits

  • Increase operator safety by eliminating hazardous chemical storage and handling
  • Improve public safety by eliminating chlorine transportation through populated areas
  • Reduce plant operating costs by producing disinfectants below market prices
  • Hydrogen is diluted and safety vented to atmosphere as it is produced
  • Single-pass brine feed system using food-grade salt for maximum purity, efficiency, and minimum maintenance
  • Touch screen PLC control system compatible with
  • SCADA systems for remote monitoring and control
  • Eliminates hazardous material reporting (RMP) requirements


Klorigen M-Series treatment units are ideal for industries and municipalities that are currently using or require a form of chlorine for disinfection, sterilisation or bleaching.