Klorigen™ K-Series

Klorigen™ K-Series

Klorigen K-Series systems safely and economically produce chlorine gas, membrane-grade sodium hydroxide and/or sodium hypochlorite up to 15% (150 g/L) concentration.

Production Capacity

Production capacities range from 400 lbs to 20 tons per day.

  • klorigen k-series
  • klorigen treatment unit
  • klorigen system

Features & Benefits

  • Lowest chlorates among on-site generation systems
  • 10:1 turn down ratio allows for variable system operating rates based on seasonal water requirements or electrical power rate fluctuations
  • Requires minimal operating manpower – system is fully automated
  • Allows retention of current disinfection method and dosing/eductor systems


Eliminate the safety concerns pertaining to the storage and use of pressurized chlorine and the high cost, supply and viability issues associated with bulk-supplied chemicals. Klorigen™ employs technology specifically designed for municipal and industrial water treatment applications.