Power Plants - Water Disinfection

Traditionally, power plants have used chlorine gas as the disinfectant of choice for treating plant cooling water. However, several publicly reported chlorine leakages have raised concern regarding the safety of this practice.

Although some utilities are evaluating alternative technologies to pressurized chlorine gas, chlorine remains the most effective broadband disinfectant. In response to this preference, on-site chlorine gas generators can facilitate the continuation of current disinfection methods while promoting safe practices. Klorigen™ systems produce chlorine gas on-demand and under vacuum, eliminating chlorine storage and the possibility for toxic gas release while enabling power plants to continue using chlorine as their disinfectant of choice. Alternatively, Klorigen™-produced chlorine and sodium hydroxide can be combined in the system to produce high-strength sodium hypochlorite at concentrations up to 15%.

With Klorigen™ on-site generation technology, water disinfection at power plants may be safely and effectively delivered, eliminating the current risk inherent in these facilities.