Oil and Gas Water Treatment

Klorigen™ systems safely generate the chlorine gas and/or high strength (up to 15%) sodium hypochlorite that is typically used to control biological fouling experienced in cooling water processes in the oil and gas industry. In addition to cooling water applications,  Klorigen™ technology is well suited to other oil field applications which include hydrogen sulfide removal,  enhanced oil recovery and frac water treatment. Onsite generation allows oil and gas applications to continue using their preferred disinfectant while addressing all the issues related to the transportation, storage and handling of pressurized chlorine gas or sodium hypochlorite. Additionally, Klorigen’s high strength sodium hypochlorite product is produced at concentrations 15-20x higher than other on-site alternatives, providing significant savings in storage, transportation and operational costs.

In the Klorigen™ process, chlorine and/or sodium hypochlorite is produced from salt, water and electricity and delivered at the point of usage and on-demand, providing fresh product as and when required.  Klorigen™-produced chlorine is safely generated under vacuum, eliminating the threat of a toxic gas release. Klorigen™ systems are delivered fully assembled, factory tested and ready for installation and have proven to be highly reliable and to require minimal maintenance.

Klorigen™ provides greater autonomy for oil and gas applications by reducing the dependence on third party suppliers and providing production scaled to demand. In most instances, Klorigen™ generated bleach is considerably less expensive than purchased commercial bulk bleach.