Klorigen Technology Receives SAFETY Designation by Dept. of Homeland Security

Safe On-Site Chlorine Generation

Klorigen Technology Receives SAFETY Designation by Dept. of Homeland Security

Electrolytic Technologies Systems’ KlorigenTM technology has received the SAFETY Act Designation and Certification, the highest level of accreditation awarded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for anti-terrorism technologies. This the third time ETS has received the Designation, first certified in 2010.

What is KlorigenTM?

KlorigenTM is an advanced electrochemical technology that uses salt and water to produce two chemicals: chlorine gas and caustic soda. These chemicals can be used independently or converted to high-purity sodium hypochlorite at various concentrations up to 15%. KlorigenTM

Why KlorigenTM?

The transportation and storage of bulk chemical deliveries pose a significant safety hazard. KlorigenTM provides a safe and cost-effective alternative to commercially supplied chlorine and sodium hypochlorite. The chemicals are produced on-site and on-demand, eliminating risks associated with transportation and handling of pressurized chlorine gas

What is the SAFETY Act?

The SAFETY Act provides significant protections for the development and use of anti-terrorism solutions. These Qualified Anti-terrorism Technologies are considered to be inherently safe and it is considered that the use of such technologies would reduce the potential loss of life in the case of a terrorist attack. By incorporating Qualified Anti-terrorism technologies into business operations, companies can ensure safe work environments for their employees and the surrounding communities.

About Electrolytic Technologies Systems

Electrolytic Technologies Systems has extensive experience in manufacturing, installing, and implementing on-site sodium hypochlorite generation plants globally. Utilizing brine-to-bleach technology, Electrolytic Technologies Systems has supplied fully engineered, factory-tested, and ready-for-installation plants since 2001. Electrolytic Technologies Systems’ technologies are typically used in water and wastewater treatment, pulp and paper manufacturing, mining, and power generation. Additional commercial and industrial applications include chemical supply companies, detergent industries, and mineral refining.

Electrolytic Technologies Systems offers KlorigenTM plants as capital sales, lease programs, and also offers programs to provide operational support and maintenance. Interested in learning more about KlorigenTM? Contact us here.