Klorigen On-Site Generators Incorporate Iwaki America Pumps

Klorigen On-Site Generators Incorporate Iwaki America Pumps

When building a KlorigenTM machine, the Electrolytic Technologies Systems’ team of engineers ensures only the most durable, efficient, and high-quality equipment is included in the final product. Better equipment allows Klorigen on-site generators to function more effectively and increases the overall lifespan of the system. As part of ETS’ commitment to providing our customers with a system that runs efficiently and is cost-effective, Klorigen on-site chlorine generators use Iwaki America pumps to ensure durability, decrease the risk of a leak, and ease of maintenance.


When using pumps for chemical applications, it is important to consider a variety of factors including durability of the equipment, ease of maintenance, and risk of leaks. The use of thermoplastic material and magnetic seals in Iwaki pumps has made them well suited for chemical applications. Electrolytic Technologies has been using Iwaki pumps in Klorigen systems for over 13 years and today is one of Iwaki America’s largest OEMs.

Durability in Thermoplastic Design

The Klorigen process utilizes and generates corrosive chemicals such as chlorine, chlorinated brine, and caustic soda. Iwaki pumps are well suited for chemical applications as they utilize a thermoplastic design which can be uniquely configured to meet nearly all chemical resistance requirements.

Utilizing corrosion-resistant pumps in the Klorigen design allows the machines to experience less wear and tear, premature failure and frequent process start/stop for repair therefore increasing their lifetime and reducing maintenance costs.

Decreased Risk of Leakage due to Magnetic Seal

Magnetic drive pumps have no direct connection between the electric motor shaft and the impeller; therefore, no mechanical seal is necessary. There is no risk of leakage unless the pump casing is broken. There is a containment shell on the pump’s liquid end that forms a completely sealed enclosure, so fluid being pumped cannot leak through. Mechanical seals are often the cause of pump trips which lead to unexpected shutdowns, so by utilizing Iwaki’s magnetic drive pumps, the Klorigen generator is able to function more efficiently without interruption.

Ease of Maintenance

Due to the simple design of the magnetic drive pump, limited maintenance is required. When used for normal operations magnetic drive pumps can operate for 10+ years before requiring repairs, and even then, repairs are often inexpensive.


Dedicated customer service is a core value of Electrolytic Technologies, and therefore the level of customer service and warranty guaranteed by Iwaki has been a significant aspect of the OEM relationship. Iwaki America’s service and technical support are some of the best in the industry. ISO 9001 certified Iwaki products and services meet both customer and regulatory requirements.

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