Klorigen™ M-Series

Generate Chlorine and Sodium Hypochlorite
On-site and On-demand

The Klorigen™ M-Series On-Site Generator is a smaller-scale electrochemical system specifically intended for remote applications and designed for safe and cost effective production of chlorine gas and/or high purity, commercial-strength sodium hypochlorite solution. M-Series systems can be configured to produce bleach at concentrations from 5 to 10 trade %. System capacities range from 20 to 200 pounds of chlorine per day or up to 250 gallons as 10% (100 gm/L) NaOCl.

The Klorigen™ M-Series systems eliminate hazards typically associated with the use of pressurized chlorine gas and bulk deliveries of commercial sodium hypochlorite. M-Series units are ideal for industries and municipalities that are currently using chlorine or sodium hypochlorite for disinfection, sterilization or bleaching.

Klorigen M-Series Features and Benefits

  • Replaces pressurized chlorine gas to eliminate the potential for toxic gas release
  • Membrane-grade 15% Sodium Hydroxide is produced as a co-product when generating chlorine gas
  • On-demand Cl2 - Scalable from 10% to 100% of capacity
  • Single-pass brine feed system using food-grade salt for maximum efficiency
  • Touch screen PLC Control System
  • PLC compatible with SCADA Systems for remote monitoring & control
  • Hydrogen co-product safely diluted below LEL
  • Multi-year Warranty and Maintenance Contract 

General System Performance

  • Power Consumption: Less than 2.5 DC KWh per lb Cl2
  • Salt Consumption: Less than 2.5 lbs NaCl per lb Cl2
  • Electrochemical Efficiency: 70% to 85%
  • Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) Co-Product: 10% to 15 wt%

Utility Requirements

  • Motive water: 20 - 40 GPM @60 psig, for water operated eductor-based systems
  • 220 VAC or 460 VAC, 3 phase, electric power (depending on Cl2 output capacity)
  • Potable water supply for salt dissolving and caustic dilution
  • Cooling water: 2 - 10 gpm depending on capacity of unit

Production Capabilities

  • Chlorine gas: 40 to 200 lbs (20 to 90 kg) per day
  • Caustic Soda (at 15% concentration): 30 to 150 US gal (110 to 570 liters) per day
  • Sodium Hypochlorite (up to 10% active Cl2): 40 to 250 gallons (150 to 950 liters) per day