Klorigen™ systems safely produce the chlorine, sodium hydroxide and/or 12-15% sodium hypochlorite currently used in many commercial and industrial applications, addressing chlorine safety concerns and breaking the dependency on third party bulk delivered chemicals. Klorigen™ systems generate chlorine gas under a vacuum and on-demand, completely eliminating the need for chlorine gas storage on-site. Alternatively, the chlorine and sodium hydroxide products can be combined to form a high-quality, high strength (up to 15%) sodium hypochlorite solution of equal or better quality as compared to bulk delivered product and can do so at a significant cost savings. With Klorigen™ technology, industrial chemical users can cost-effectively eliminate the hazards and risks associated with transportation and storage of chlorine and sodium hypochlorite.

Klorigen™ systems can be integrated into most commercial and industrial processes currently using bulk delivered chlorine or sodium hypochlorite. For more information, please click the applications tab at the top of the page or contact us directly at (305) 655-2755 or by filling out the “Learn More” box to the right.