Electrolytic Technologies to Supply 13 Klorigen Generators to Laos

Electrolytic Technologies to Supply 13 Klorigen Generators to Laos

Electrolytic Technologies Systems (ETS) has been awarded a contract to supply 13 Klorigen™ on-site generators to various hospitals and communities throughout Laos.

The scope of supply includes twelve (12) Klorigen™ I-Series and one (1) Klorigen™ M-Series.

The Klorigen™ I-Series produces a 0.8% bleach solution using salt, water, and power to produce 140L every 22 hours. These units are well suited for use in schools, hospitals, hotels, water parks, correctional facilities, public water, and other disinfection applications.

The M-Series will generate a high-strength 10% sodium hypochlorite solution with a maximum capacity of 1185 liters per day and will be containerized, providing a complete solution that is assembled and tested at our manufacturing facility prior to shipping to site. The containerized system provides our customer the ability to maximize the use of space without the need for new construction.

The goal of these systems is to increase the reliability of disinfection chemicals for remote communities by enabling on-site generation with reliable inputs (primarily salt, water, and power) rather than the unpredictable and logistically challenging alternative of bulk procurement. Both systems will allow the end-user to bottle the bleach and use it for surface disinfection.

ETS provides a variety of chlorine and sodium hypochlorite generation solutions for commercial, process, and municipal use. For more information, please email info@electrolytictech.com or contact here.

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