Electrolytic Technologies Makes On-Site Disinfectant Generator Available for Emergency Use 

Electrolytic Technologies Makes On-Site Disinfectant Generator Available for Emergency Use 

Electrolytic Technologies Systems (ETS) launches a mobile disinfection unit as an emergency response solution for the disinfection of contaminated waters post-hurricane storm or disinfection and cleaning of areas potentially contaminated by COVID-19.

In May 2020, forecasters at NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center predicted that there was a 60% chance that 2020 would bring an above-average hurricane season. Just three months into the season, there have already been 13 named storms.

The damage caused by storms can result in safety hazards for the community. Drinking water supplies can be compromised, and floodwaters and standing waters pose a danger as they can contain high levels of raw sewage and contaminants, making the risk of infectious diseases and chemical hazards of concern. In order to mitigate these risks, sodium hypochlorite is used as an effective disinfectant.

Additionally, the World Health Organization recommends a concentration of 0.1% (1000 ppm) in the context of COVID-19, which it considers conservative to inactivate nearly all pathogens.  ETS’ mobile unit generates a low strength, 0.8% concentration that is ideally suited to regions that have high disinfection requirements, and require an accessible, cost-effective solution.

Hurricane season coupled with COVID-19 will prove challenging when it comes to the availability of cleaning and disinfection supplies.

ETS plans to support local communities in sanitization efforts with the launch of its mobile disinfection unit for emergency response. This portable system can produce bleach using just salt, water, and power. All inputs have been built into the trailer allowing for an easy transfer to various locations as demand requires.

The unit can produce up to 160 gallons of sodium hypochlorite (bleach) daily and is fully equipped with a power generator, salt, and water supply.

If your community requires disinfection for disaster relief, please contact Electrolytic Technologies to coordinated the deployment of one of these units.
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