Bleach Manufacturing Solutions

Klorigen™ generators are ideally suited to commercial, municipal or industrial bleach manufacturing, as they are capable of generating the same ultra-pure sodium hypochlorite with the same high quality and 10% to 15% concentration levels as commercial bulk-delivered product.

In the Klorigen™ process, sodium hypochlorite is produced and delivered on-demand at the point of usage, eliminating unnecessary costs of commercial purchase including supplier costs, product mark-up, transport and storage space. Klorigen™ systems are delivered fully assembled, factory tested and ready for installation. Klorigen™ systems require minimal maintenance and have proven to be highly reliable.

Klorigen™ provides greater autonomy for your facilities by eliminating the dependence on third party chemical suppliers and providing production scaled to demand. In most instances, Klorigen™ generated bleach is considerably less expensive than purchased commercial bulk bleach and can be produced for as little as $0.30 per gallon.